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Account-Based Marketing: Flipping the Funnel

p As Sangram Vajre says, “ultimately, account-based marketing (ABM) is about going beyond the typical B2B buyer’s journey to a comprehensive account lifecycle.”.

Terminus, a company he co-founded in 2014, has turned the traditional sales/marketing funnel on its head by “Flipping the Funnel”. Sangram talked to James Carbary from Sweet Fish Media about ABM in this video from the Content Summit last week.

Your target accounts are the equivalent of the Yellow Pages. In the traditional funnel you create loads of content, generating awareness of your business or product to a large audience.

If your content and messaging is fantastic, a smaller number in that large target will become interested. If your offering meets their needs, some will move to the consideration stage, and hopefully finally to the bottom of the funnel, to purchase.

Or you can do what Terminus does, and flip the funnel, identifying specific, higher quality accounts, with higher quality content. Those select few will start talking about your offer with other individuals, expanding the conversation within their own organizations.

You then engage with all of these people in various ways, on their preferred social media platforms, email, mobile etc.

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