Can you increase sales by marketing yourself towards one single company?

Audi’s web campaign was directed at one single company

To reach the same number of views would probably never even have been possible to achieve

Peter Borelius is the sales manager at Audi Stockholm. The client company had a framework agreement with several different car brands, and to get the individual drivers to choose Audi, an entire banner campaign was launched, customized according to the client company’s policy regarding company cars.

According to Peter, the constant struggle is to reach out with the right information to the specific drivers about which company cars are being offered to them. 

- We were in the middle of a competitive bidding for a framework agreement with a groceries company. The purchaser at the company is responsible for the total cost and formulates a policy with certain basic requirements for the cars that the drivers get to choose from. After that it is up to the driver, within the given framework, to choose car brand and model. When the framework agreement is established it is up to us to create an interest among the employees for the Audi models. 

The employees are free to choose an Audi for a price up to 7.65 of price base amount, which is above standard and that, therefore, had an impact on how the campaign was designed. Peter, again: 

- We started off by creating a good content and pictures of the car models for the different alternatives available, within the framework of the 7.65 price base amount. After that, we created advertorials based on that content. Through so called IP targeting we made sure that only the employees of that particular company viewed those adverts, regardless of what media they visited on the web. 

Audi’s content/adverts were shown 17 times per employee to the employees at the grocery company mentioned above. Since the company has a thousand employees, this means 17.000 views. To reach the same amount of views for the employees of this company through traditional, broad campaigns would probably have been next to impossible to achieve. The campaign was also tailor made to fit the receiver’s interest and prerequisites. 

- This gives me as a marketer a new and very exciting opportunity. I don’t need to settle for reaching out to potential customers through one media channel with a sufficiently appealing message. With account based marketing I know that I reach the correct receiver regardless of which media I advertise through. The most important and biggest challenge is to tailor-make the message so that it becomes both clear and appealing to that particular company, and that it touches its buying process. That is why the design of the content, or so called account based content, is the core of the campaign. 

Peter Borelius is now looking forward to refining the method of Account -based marketing. 

- Since the cost for media space decreases we can focus more on analyzing the outcome and sharpen the message for the next campaign. We noticed an increase in offers from that specific company during the campaign and we will continue to work in this way, concludes Peter. 

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