B2B decision-makers are drowning in content

So how can you engage them in yours?

How many LinkedIn posts do you read or view in your daily flow? I mean, really read and assimilate. One percent? Two? 

And, if and when you do decide to take a closer look: How intensely do you engage in the content on the related landing page or website? Not much, right? Your customers and leads are no doubt equally selective. At best, they can afford to spend a few minutes per day browsing their never-ending information avalanche. 

Some marketers try to solve the problem by increasing the impossible quantity even further. “Come on guys: Each one of us should write or share at least two Linkedin posts everyday!" And so forth. Personally, I prefer a more engaging, and less intrusive approach. It's no rocket science either, just common sense.

Sometimes less is more

Focus entirely on the relatively few people in the relatively few companies that you want to engage right now. The companies that your sales people prioritize. 

Ask yourself what's at stake for their customers? What strategic or other decisions are they about to make in the near future? What are they most excited or worried about. Any disruptive technology or business concepts on their horizons? 

Then, make the effort to give these exact people some novel facts, inspiration or food for thought about their overall business scenario. Not just another routinely assembled “list”.

 And, for God's sake, no more self-centered bragging. Let me tell you about one of our clients:

  • Based on a carefully considered social media strategy, they have established an uncompromisingly editorial “knowledge bank”, entirely separate from their regular website
  • On this site they continuously publish two or three qualified articles per month
  • The content is consistently focusing on more or less controversial industry topics, NOT themselves
  • Or qualified stories of general business interest, highlighting ideas and values in tune with their own
  • They are meticulous about customer relevance, news value, language, illustrations…
  • The content is selectively distributed to current and potential clients, using IP-based technique 
  • Many of their employees actively promote the content via social media
  • The detailed monthly analysis of the response is shared with the sales team for optimized use of limited and costly sales resources.

It’s not a “campaign” but a consistent strategy since more than two years. There are good reasons why they keep doing it. And, month after month, they keep us on our toes to meet their high expectations.

They are not alone, several other smart marketing managers essentially apply the same common sense approach. 

What about your content strategy? 

Rolf Andersson
Senior Writer & Strategist at Freya News

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