Don't be fooled by the numbers

It's all about the precious few

B2B marketing aims to boost your revenues and/or reduce your sales costs – why else would your shareholders invest in it? But if your crudely stated objective is to "generate X leads for the sales organization", and you succeed, you may well end up losing on both accounts.

Because such unfocused fishing expeditions tend to result in buckets of leads of limited value. And your sales team wasting valuable selling time checking out and discarding most of the catch.

Engage more people where it really counts

They should rather use that time digging deeper into those carefully selected accounts that they are already zooming in on. Engaging more people within these organizations, and finding out what's going on.

This is not "sales support", but marketing and sales working together, focusing on the same target accounts.

When you apply an ABM strategy, some people in your organization may initially be disapponted with the relatively small number of people demonstrating interest in your content.

But every single one of them are decision-makers or influencers in the exact companies – customers or leads – currently prioritized by your sales force... Spending more time engaging in it.... Coming back for more... Throughout the buying procedure.

Well, that's what it's all about, isn't it?

Get your content strategy right

The quality of each customer's engagement is also reflected in the number of seconds or minutes they invest in your content. And there are always choices to be made.

When you, for example, choose to optimize your stories for mobile devices you will probably get more readers. But they will spend significantly less time with it.

Which may or may not be OK. As long as you know what you're doing. We know, because we routinely monitor the target companies' behaviour on our clients' landing sites 24/7.

So don't be fooled by the numbers. Accept that marketing is ultimately about sales and set your objectives accordingly, counting real engagement that really counts. And make sure to get your content strategy right.

After all, the important numbers are on your bottom line.

Rolf Andersson
Senior Writer & Strategist at Freya News

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