Don’t forget, there’s more than personas!

When it comes to large deals in B2B, the average decision-making group involves 5.4 buyers according to CEB, and it is not unusual that this number increases or even doubles, depending on the specific product or service that you provide.

Traditionally when engaging with your prospective clients, you would resort to your one-size-fits-all type of content and push it through your traditional channels. Intending to reach out through a specific network, website, etc. based on what you think your persona will visit – because you don’t know for sure, do you?

Rather than getting stuck in your vision of single personas, in complex B2B sales, firstly define your prospect companies and the different types of decision makers involved in the business process. 

In essence what you should see is your target accounts as unique markets, with many different stakeholders (personas) not just one or two, who in turn have their own unique challenges and needs that you have to meet.

Wouldn’t it be a lot better for you – and your company – if you could ensure that each one of the decision-makers, and the whole committee behind them that will get involved, would get relevant knowledge and a unison picture of your company? 

Something that I come across daily is companies who rely on that their main sponsor succeeding at acting as their internal sales persons, trying to explain how excellent their product or service is. The problem is: He will have to influence all of the other stakeholders only knowing what to say based on a meeting with a sales representative.

Today we know about the ever-growing customer expectations for highly valuable and personalized experiences. Why wouldn’t you want to meet all of the stakeholders and decision-makers that you are involved with – individually – with content specifically based on their needs and challenges? This will push them further down the sales funnel; and often by their own will.

The tools and technologies needed to approach your clients this way are already out there. Some examples are social communities (like Linkedin), landing pages and personalisation of content. These all enable you to raise expectations across your whole industry segment.

“The reason a lot of people don’t recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls looking like hard work.”

- Thomas Edison

If you don’t devote enough resources to your strategic accounts and your digital marketing plan and if you continue to have an ad-hoc approach with no defined strategy, your competitors will eat your digital lunch. Why not eat theirs?

Joakim Lange 

International Account Manager at Freya News

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