This is a huge problem…

Don’t measure your Marketing Director by the number of leads!

This is a huge problem… Some of the largest companies in the world have incentive programs, and use measuring points for their Marketing Directors, that are only based on leads, MQL or SQL.

– Why?

Probably because – a long time ago – they didn’t know how to measure the marketing department on its efforts. But when spending goes up and the cost of technology investments are increasing, understanding which efforts are working, and which ones aren’t, is becoming more and more important.

The problem for the sales team within B2B-selling companies isn’t just getting that e-mail address or a phone number so they can call and say: ”Hey! Let’s meet – I understand you’re interested!”.

The biggest problem is to close that deal. If your sales process is six months or longer and if you are selling a complex product or service, the process will involve several decision makers and stakeholders. The hard part is to engage them all and getting them to understand that you’re the one that could solve their problems.

One lead, one person to start a conversation with, isn’t enough and won’t get you to close the deal. There are so many marketing directors that do understand this problem and want to work with ABM in order to help the sales team close the biggest deals. But they need to say no. Why? Because if they do, they are not doing their job. So this is shout-out to all the management boards and CEOs out there. You can turn this situation around! Or, at least separate the marketing department into two divisions, and give the ABM team a budget of their own.

What are your thoughts? How should marketing departments be measured? Should they be a part of the sales team? Should they have their own ”marketing forecast”? 

Email me your opinions!

Johan Sundstrand, CEO at Freya News

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