Forget generic – personalized content is here to stay

More and more money is invested into content marketing. But not just any old content, what's trending is personalized content – which has shown to be most effective. Personalized content follows the B2B buyers journey from beginning to end. To be able to keep the buyers interest throughout the process, it needs to educate on different levels. 

Another aspect is the large number of decision-makers, formal and informal, involved in a large B2B deal. You will have to bring most of them over to your side in order to win the deal. Each and every one of them will have different agendas and challenges. They will all be on different knowledge levels. To be able to succeed, you need to educate them. Some of them will find the subject you want to educate them on exciting and some of them will... Well, some of them may – quite frankly – find it extremely boring. 

A few critical questions to ask yourself:

  • Is this content interesting for someone in their industry and not just for someone in my industry? If you, for example, are selling cloud services to the retail industry – chances are they have different interests than you.
  • Are different pieces of content written for different roles inside our targeted companies? 
  • For the different roles: Do we have content for different maturity, or knowledge levels? Is the website relevant for both someone who is new to the subject as well as an expert? 

If you answered "no", I highly recommend you to do a content inventory.

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