Inbound or outbound? Think again

According to Wikipedia, the term inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that bring visitors in, rather than marketers having to go out to get prospects' attention. Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found, and draws customers to the website by producing interesting content.

The same source defines outbound marketing as either “the older, non-pejorative sense of marketing communications or “the newer, pejorative sense of interruption marketing” (pejorative as in abusive).

Now, that's a rather nearsighted view. And, unfortunately, many people who should know better do associate ”inbound” with valuable content and "outbound” with old-fashioned advertising. 

In my book, you should always aim to bring the exactly right messages and content to the exactly right people in the right companies (preferably all of them, and no-one else) at the right time. Period.

ABM, Account-Based Marketing, is definitely ”outbound", actively reaching out and with far greater precision than any inbound strategy or technique.

What’s more, you only reach out to the companies prioritized by the sales force, eliminating the bulk of time-consuming dead-end ”prospects”. So they can invest all their time and energy in their prioritized target companies. And so you can afford to support them continually = closer to buying decisions.

If you provide qualified content, tailored to the specific interests of carefully selected companies – who says that you will be perceived as abusive?

Unlike conventional “outbound” strategies, ABM allows your sales team to spend all their time and energy on their prioritized customers and prospect companies. And, unlike “inbound” strategies, you will effectively and repeatedly reach the right people, at the right companies, with customized content – guaranteed.

So, ”inbound” or ”outbound” – you don't need to think again, do you?

Rolf Andersson
Senior Writer & Strategist at Freya News

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