More European B2B companies go for packaged ABM solutions

“Our extreme growth is a foretaste of the paradigm shift ahead”

Account-based marketing and sales is rapidly gaining ground in Europe, and so is the first dedicated ABM consultancy firm, Freya News. 

One of the very first people in Scandinavia to recognize the benefits of ABM was Peter Borelius, Head of Corporate Sales at Audi: “Our sales people are very successful in what they do, signing framework agreements with our customers. But especially the largest client companies let their employees choose between several major car brands, and reaching each driver directly is a constant struggle.” 

“I am not at all surprised by the rapid expansion of Freya News in Europe”, says Peter Borelius. “In our very first project together, the Freya team came up with a brand new strategy and helped us create and distribute customized content and ads toward these accounts. And we were amazed by the results: Each and every employee and therefore the potential company car holder of that company was exposed to relevant content and specific car model! And soon thereafter we noticed a significant increase in offers from that specific company, so for obvious reasons we have continued to work in this way.”

Success stories like that have also contributed to Freya News’ rapid growth, both in Scandinavia and internationally. Johan Sundstrand, CEO: “Our extreme growth now is only a foretaste of the paradigm shift ahead in Europe. One key is that we are addressing each client’s unique challenges directly, from the strategy phase through content creation, distribution and analysis, making life considerably easier for both sales and marketing. The other key is that we are continually applying our own ABM strategy to reach our potential dream customers.”

In September Johan Sundstrand and other members of Freya News’ management team is attending Dreamforce in San Francisco to catch up with the latest developments, and meet up with international clients. You can follow every step thru our Linkedin and twitter accounts. 

If you want to meet up, send an email to with “Dreamforce” as subject.

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