Nothing will stop you (so God help us all)

A condensed guide to effective B2B-marketing

This article will take somewhere between three minutes and up to two weeks to read. It all depends on your level of seriousness, really.

We will start by asking ourselves as marketers, salespeople, CFOs or CEOs within B2B an important question:

Which of all my accounts have the highest revenue potential?

Think about this for a while. Why not write the names of your five most promising accounts on a piece of paper? Okay, do it.

Was it easy? It shouldn’t be. But the very question should occupy a firm position at the very summit of your great mind. Your market, your challenges and your opportunities are, we assume, in constant flux, dependent as they are on elusive things such as new technology, trends, mergers, competitors and what not.

So it can’t be easy. But the need to strategically assess your current and future sources of revenue is constant. There is no way around that piece of hard work if you want to increase sales. And we assume you do.

The serious way to read this article is therefore to stop reading right now and call a meeting with your CEO, Head of Sales, CFO and CMO. Actually, if you’re really serious, you should have several meetings over a couple of days. This is important stuff. In those meetings, you should focus on the following set of interrelated questions:

·      Which of all our existing accounts account for the better part of our revenues right now?

·      Which of all our existing and possible future accounts are most likely to account for the better part of our company’s future revenues?

·      At what existing and prospective clients should we direct our sales and marketing efforts?

Did you notice that? How we sneaked that one in, right there at the end, the question about marketing, and sales, and direction of efforts? Because right after you’ve achieved perfect knowledge of the revenue potential of all your existing and potential customers, this question naturally follows:

·      Are our marketing and sales efforts perfectly aligned to our now perfect vision of our current market opportunities?

Let’s assume they aren’t.

Well then, oops: I think you really are going to have to have more meetings, ones that address the challenge of reaching out to the important professional people at your most important client companies. Start with these questions:

·      What’s our strategy?

·      What content do we already have and what do we need to create?

·      How should we distribute that content?

·      How do we analyze our marketing efforts so that we know they have the desired effect?

Here comes something we will write in capital letters. We know it looks as though we’re screaming. We don’t care. We want to scream. Actually, we’ll throw in bold lettering for extra effect:


Okay? Two weeks have now elapsed since you started reading this article. (We assume you’re a serious person and didn’t start reading this three minutes ago). Two weeks of intense work with the final goal of aligning your sales and marketing strategy to your market opportunities.

So what are you waiting for?

Call, meet and greet your most important clients. Nothing will replace real human relations.

But make sure these activities, at each step of the way, are supported by informative and entertaining content, effectively deepening your client’s understanding of you and what you offer.

If you make that happen – God help us all.

Nothing will stop you.