When Sales doesn't love Marketing

In B2B, you need to fix that now

Sales people around the world have always tended to think of their colleagues in the marketing department as… Well, a bit theoretical and naive. That they don’t really understand what is going on out there, in the field. And therefore spend all that money on the wrong stuff.

Needless to say, marketing people beg to differ.

Traditionally, the role of B2B marketing has been twofold: 1) to promote the brand, and 2) to “support sales”. Promoting the company behind the product as a viable, trustworthy supplier, and providing the sales people with the right tools and ammunition.

Now the interplay between sales and marketing is becoming way more intertwined, and potentially way more effective.

One reason is that current and targeted customers are more informed. That they independently seek information about products, services and suppliers on the web. And take a more active role throughout the selling/buying process.

So both brand building and sales support must be an integral part of that process, on- and offline. Not a separate “corporate campaign”. Not just a product launch package presented at the kickoff.

At last: One aligned sales and marketing strategy

Another reason is that marketing can (at last!) help sales identify and reach all potential decision-makers and influencers in their prioritized target companies. Sales was painfully aware that they were lucky to reach one person who would agree to receive them. And that half a dozen other people or more would discuss, and in many cases misinterpret, the finer points of the sales message behind closed doors.  

In the past, the bulk of the marketing communication was wasted on companies that they would not even consider calling. No wonder sales was not that impressed with their achievements. Now it can be efficiently tailored to every tiny segment or, when required, to every individual account. In other words, marketing and sales can more easily align their strategies, activities and follow up.

If they don’t – if you don't – someone else is bound to take the lead.

Rolf Andersson
Senior Writer & Strategist at Freya News

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