When the world consists of five potential customers

This is how Besedo builds more honest relations in 20 countries

During 2014, classified advertisements were sold for a whopping 92 billion dollars according to the analysis company AIM Group. These almost unfathomably large cash flows unfortunately also attract less than honest fortune hunters and conmen of different kinds. 

That is why a group of IT pioneers started Besedo back in 2002. A company focused on helping other companies such as eBay to “keep things clean” and create improvements for simple, effective and honest relations between byers and sellers. 

Stopping millions of fraudsters every year

“Our work is about giving the users increased security and a positive experience. Simply, high quality. We examine about 200 million classifieds per year and have been able to stop tens of millions of erroneous ads each year, out of which about 1–2 million are pure attempts at fraud”, says Andreas Bergman, CMO of the company. “All this naturally demands both human resources and smart processes and systems.”

Six hundred Besedo employees from six different countries are currently monitoring media websites globally in around twenty different languages. One result of the rapid increase in volume, is an advanced internationalization and consolidation of the start-ups driven by entrepreneurs that showed up out of nowhere during the IT boom. The global market is currently divided between a half a dozen large media houses, from the Schibstedt group to international giants sucha eBay and Craig’s list. Anders Bergman, again:

“Our business very much involves the brands of our clients, which is why we need to develop strong relationships with the top level of management. However, the day-to-day decisions are often made by customers in the local divisions. This makes traditional advertising and PR unnecessary.”

ABM is right for us

This far, Besedo has first and foremost invested in personal sales and the active use of the so-called mouth-to-mouth method within the respective group of companies. The have now also discovered account-based marketing. “Having many potential customers within a limited amount of target companies, account-based marketing should be just right for us. We have just started a pilot project in ABM so it’s to early to draw any definite conclusions about the results, but it is a highly interesting project for us right now. It will be especially interesting to see how we will be able to reap maximum benefit from the published content, so that the sellers can better spend their time on prospects that are ready to buy”, concludes Andreas Bergman. 

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