Your first ABM challenge: Aim

Reorganizing your B2B marketing and sales according to an ABM strategy is a journey in itself, and there are several turns where you could easily go wrong. Under the right circumstances ABM can be an exceptionally rewarding strategy, but if you don't align your aim with the actual business scenario, you will never get anywhere near the expected ROI.

First and foremost, unlike most other strategies, the objective is not to sell, but to help your sales reps focus their time and energy on the right accounts. And help them prepare more relevant pitches.

You may be sick and tired hearing that each B2B sales call can cost a thousand dollars or more (much more), depending on the industry. And your ability to score, of course. Tired or not, it is absolutely true and a critical issue for both sales and marketing. If you could skip all the hopeless leads, and ensure that you know what the great ones are really interested in, the cost per call would drop dramatically. And marketing could finally have a visible impact on the bottom line, and the well-earned respect that goes with it.

Sales already knows about the good ones 

If the 20/80 rule applies to your B2B market, i.e. relatively few accounts making up the bulk of your potential revenue, you can forget about marketing delivering loads of leads to a greatful sales organization. They already know more or less where the worthwhile opportunities may be.

They may not know which of the potential buyers, including existing customers, that have already initiated internal discussions about new investments. They don't keep track of all stakeholders and potential influencers or hidden decision makers in these organizations. And they don't know what all these people are thinking and talking about behind closed doors.

By fully reaching the organizations that are already prioritized by sales, with a relevant range of topics, and monitoring which companies that engage the most, they will not only know where to go first. They will also know exactly which topics or ideas attracted which company's attention and interest. And your perspectives on the customers' reasons-to-buy, overall economy, shortlisting criteria, or current and future market scenarios will be implanted around the organization even before your sales rep arrives.

Finally, marketing and sales are aiming in the same direction. For more info pleas download the White Paper below!

Rolf Andersson
Senior Writer & Strategist at Freya News

Download: Account-Based Marketing, where to begin?

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