Influencer campaigns, the next big thing or not?
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4 things that can go wrong in an influencer campaign (and how to fix them)

4 things that can go wrong in an influencer campaign (and how to fix them).

Just as content marketing was on everyone s lips a few years ago, 2016 was the year of influencer marketing. Working with content creators who have large social media followings to promote your brand is enticing and can be a great way to reach untapped audiences.

But it s not as easy as you think — and does not always go as planned. Even with the most strategic and well-planned influencer campaign, issues can arise.

Here are a few problems that marketers may face and how to deal with them. 1. You can t find enough perfect influencers.

It s true that there are millions of bloggers and content creators out there, but it s not always that easy to find influencers who fit your exact strategic specifications — perhaps those who live in a specific geographic area, have particular buying habits or have never touched a competitor s products. How to prevent it: No one discovery tool will be perfect, because each one has a specific place in the influencer landscape.

Use a variety of tools to search different corners of the internet and take advantage of each one s specialties.

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