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A Love Affair With Account-Based Marketing

A look back at articles B2BNN produced in 2016, shows a definite love affair with Account-Based-Marketing (ABM), but as with all great loves you must choose if it's the right one for you, and if it's going to last.

Just because we know and understand ABM, and *think* it's a great idea, we have to ask if that is reason enough to jump in with both feet? You probably ask yourself certain questions when entering any relationship: What's the family like?

Am I being impulsive? Do I know myself well enough, or will I have to change who I am?

These questions apply to embarking on an ABM relationship as well: Is there one individual at your target account who makes the decision, or are there multiple decision makers? Are you targeting personas, or businesses?

Do your targets have a knee-jerk reaction to buying, or do they weigh all options? Are you willing to align your sales and marketing teams?

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