ABM = Sales and marketing planning and executing together?
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ABM Requires Sales Account Plan Integration

ABM Requires Sales Account Plan Integration. In his second report from ITSMA, Joe Stanganelli reports on the practicalities of getting Sales and Marketing aligned.

Collaborative teamwork between marketers and salespeople was a top takeaway from. ITSMA Marketing Vision 2016 conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this month—and so too were all things account-based marketing "ABM" .

The two message points combined in a breakout session on bringing sales teams into the ABM fold. ITSMA senior associate Lisa Dennis contended that ABM can only be optimized by seamlessly melding the ABM plan with the sales team's account plan—creating a single process and strategy from which both departments can operate.

For Dennis, this requires "knowing what's driving the clients in the account" and "looking at account intelligence both inside and outside.". "The salespeople are very focused on 'I have my number' and 'I gotta push the product,'" said Dennis. "So it's not very outside focused; it's very inside focused.

If we could get ourselves to look outside a little more, that's the biggest challenge. I believe that marketing really needs to take a role in that account planning on the sales side.

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