Account-Based Advertising starter guide 

If you are working in the B2B marketing space, statistics say that you have heard about Account-Based Marketing. As a whole, this is a method of bringing sales and marketing closer together. With ABM, the two separate departments start to work against the same goal. This can be achieved through a four-step process. 

  1. The marketing strategy is aligned with the salespeople's sales strategy. 
  2. Tailor-made content is created to support specific sales processes. 
  3. Technology is used to enable distribution that targets the chosen accounts.
  4. The results are measured, and based on the engagement of the people within the targeted companies – action is then being taken by the sales team. 

This week, we found an Eric Wittlake article, teaching you the basics on step three – focusing on Account-Based Advertising. 

Find it here:

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