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Account Based Marketing Has Always Been With Us

Account Based Marketing Has Always Been With Us. According to a study from CEB, the average B2B decision making group now includes at least 5.

4 buyers, usually from different departments with differing needs. This complicates the process for sales and marketing teams that must nurture individual leads across a number of people at a target account.

This requires marketers to demonstrate how their product can help each individual stakeholder needs. Account based marketing ABM helps sales and marketing teams manage this complex process, targeting and nurturing all of these individuals.

ABM is making a comeback thanks to advances in marketing automation and technology in the mid-market and SMB space. 84 percent of B2B marketers report that ABM delivers higher ROI than any other approach, according to research from ITSMA. In addition, SiriusDecisions found that 92 percent of global B2B marketers said account based marketing was extremely or very important to their overall marketing efforts.

These tools have brought sophisticated capabilities to B2B marketers at scale, enabling them to drive demand, manage prospects and cut sales cycles. New technologies are also bringing sales and marketing teams together and collaboration is at the center of the new approach.

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