Aligning Sales and Marketing – this is how it's done

Everybody seems to talk about the big alignment. Alignment with a capital A. 

The idea of sales and marketing working together towards the same goals is intriguing. Of course it is. It is actually not a very controversial idea, at least it shouldn't be. The challenge tends to appear after the decision is made. How is this alignment actually conceived? 

First of all, the alignment can be an easy or hard task – all depending on different variables. For example:

  • The size of the two teams
  • The co-operation between the managers
  • The company culture
  • Timing 
  • Aspects like age, habits and attitude toward change among the employees 

I would like to recommend a John Rampton article on the subject. John presents some very concrete tips on how to begin. Published at Aligning Sales and Marketing Needs To Be Your Priority.

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Do not contribute to the ”content chock”

Read next: Do not contribute to the ”content chock”