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Creating the Consumer-Based Customer Experience for Programmatic

Creating the Consumer-Based Customer Experience for Programmatic. By Tish Whitcraft, Chief Customer Officer, OpenX. Excellent customer service is no longer just associated with B2C business models.

Business clients are increasingly comparing their professional customer service interactions with their personal consumer experiences and expectations and want a similar experience. One industry that illustrates the issues and opportunities for B2B client experiences is programmatic advertising.

Thanks to the ever-increasing sophistication and accuracy of programmatic technology, online ads can reach individual viewers with unprecedented relevancy and context. As a result, the process by which ads are bought and sold online has been hugely transformed creating an industry that depends on the technological prowess of a few platforms to power billions of precisely delivered ads daily.

Because programmatic technology is less than a decade old, there is a wide range of technological capabilities among digital publishers and advertisers and an inconsistency around optimal ad exchange integrations. The confusion has created an opportunity for sophisticated programmatic technology partners to build consumer grade experiences for publishers and advertisers alike—especially considering that programmatic technology is a $27.

5 billion industry.

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