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Fishing for B2B success: How to use AdWords to “land a big one”

Fishing for B2B success: How to use AdWords to "land a big one".

I love to fish. Over the years, I've enjoyed many excellent fights and satisfying catches, but I've also spent days staring at my line without so much as a nibble in reward.

On those days, it can be pretty tempting to give up and assume, There are no fish in this river! Of course, it s harder to make that accusation stick when the guy 100 yards downstream seems to have fish after fish on the line.

As much as I hate to admit it, the problem usually isn t the fish — I m usually fishing the wrong way. My experience with AdWords campaigns has been very similar.

B2B companies I work with often insist that there s no money in AdWords. I can't really blame them for feeling this way. I mean, I recently audited a B2B company that had spent $150,000 on AdWords without a single sale to show for it.

But the question is this: Is the problem AdWords, or are you simply using it the wrong way?

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