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How Ad Tech Fuels Innovation

How Ad Tech Fuels Innovation. Advertising technology often gets a bad rap, as if its existence is a nothing more than a necessary evil that keeps the internet alive.

But in a subtle way, it s also the primary conduit for groundbreaking technology. At companies such as Google and Facebook, ad tech serves as the lucrative core of really nuanced, forward-thinking businesses.

Unfortunately, this side of ad tech s impact often gets overlooked. Instead, critics tend to spend most of their time focusing on the nuisance of digital marketing cluttering up news feeds and desktop and mobile screens.

But companies that make their money in this fashion -- whether or not they started out that way -- become empowered to do so much more. When people look at Google, they probably think of it as a search engine, which indeed is how it started, pure and simple.

But Google became such a powerful and well-known company ultimately because of ad tech, even if it doesn t primarily identify itself that way. By starting AdWords around the turn-of-the-millennium, it monetized its powerful search engine, charging brands in exchange for providing relevant ads on search engine results pages.

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