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How small is too small for account-based marketing? #ABM

I ve had this question numerous times while speaking on account-based marketing ABM the past few weeks.

Many assume that ABM only applies to enterprise sales targets. And while I could argue a fully-implemented account-based strategy grows in importance with the size and complexity of the buyer, several account-based strategies and tactics work equally well for small companies.

So yes, ABM works for SMB. Just ask yourself these questions: How many stakeholders are involved, internally, in the buying decision? If the answer is more than one, ABM can help you.

Creating a matrix of messaging for each stage of the buying journey by decision-maker, stakeholder or influencer can help you customize the approach and increase your likelihood of success. Even just using these different messages on the phone with your sales team can make a difference.

How much are you willing to spend to acquire a new customer? ABM doesn t mean direct mail or high-cost dinners.

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