How to create a sustainable ABM strategy 

The first step in any ABM program is to set a strategy. The strategy work needs to be a collaboration between different departments and stakeholders. If the activity only is driven by the marketing team, the program is doomed from the beginning. But "creating a strategy" can be easier said than done. 

Patrick Groover at Marketo recently wrote a guiding article on the subject:

"With the reduction of the time and effort needed to work at or near the specific account level, your marketing strategy can be much more closely tied to region and territory-level sales activities. To properly deliver results, it’s important for your marketing team to walk sales leadership through the new capabilities and brainstorm on the best ways to crawl, walk, and run with ABM.

For example, you could host an introduction to ABM and follow it up by holding a separate meeting to decide on shared tactics. Finally, train your sales team on the benefits of ABM and communicate the value to them – this will increase buy-in and follow-through on leads generated from your ABM initiatives." 

Read the full article here:

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