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How to Write Cold Emails a Lot Better Than You Do Right Now

How to Write Cold Emails a Lot Better Than You Do Right Now. Entrepreneur Network partner Alex Berman is a Chicago-based expert on business-to-business B2B sales, startups, entrepreneurship, digital nomad life and interviews with top business people.

In this video, the marketing director for mobile app innovators Dom & Tom shows you how to do so much more with what-should-never-be-just-a-random cold email. OLD EMAIL: Subject: Dom & Tom & Perfect Search. Hi Alex,. We're a search and social-ad agency in Chicago, and we work with a lot of remarkable companies like yours, including 7 VC backed startups in Chicago. We also have clients in NYC such as Columbia University and NY Film Academy. We've built a technology that increases traffic / conversions and decreases acquisition cost through sophisticated long-tail keyword strategies.

Q1 is an ideal time to talk about digital marketing and I'd really like to connect on a phone call. Does next Thursday at noon work?

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