That sales email your prospect actually reads

You're taking your time, writing and re-writing, finally sending. It's really a shame that nobody is opening it. 

In this day and age, there is no need for any salesperson to only use the telephone to get in touch with prospects. A skilled sales rep uses the phone only at specific times, times where people are prone to actually answer it. The rest of the time, their cold calling is exchanged with digital activities such as sending emails and InMails. Actually – 89 billion business emails are sent every single day, I bet a lot of them are for sales purposes. 

The problem is that the more authority your prospect has inside the organization, the more emails does she or he probably receive. This will of course make it harder to "cold email" her or him successfully. To gain the interest of your busy prospect, you will have to become a skilled email writer. 

I recently found a splendid infographic (you've got to love a good infographic) on the subject. Brought to you by Louis Foong at Business2Community, I give you – Anatomy of a Successful B2B Sales Emailhttp://www.business2community....

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