Is guest authors the key to success in content marketing?
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The 7 Benefits Of Inviting Guest Authors To Your Blog

Most companies these days have some kind of blog on their website, even if they aren t seriously pursuing a content marketing strategy.

They generally rely on internal writers, or possibly contractors to handle the majority of their work, with the understanding that internal personnel will know the brand and its target audience better than anyone else. However, attracting guest posts to your blog, written by outsiders, is a strategy of enormous potential value.

Ordinarily, content marketers focus more on guest posting on outside sources, but there are almost as many advantages to inviting guest authors to contribute on your company blog. Here are seven of them: 1.

Mutual reputation benefits. In an era where reputation is everything, it s incredibly useful to build a network of trusted writers to verify each other s legitimacy in a given field.

In fact, this is the principle that Google PageRank is based on; authority is calculated based on what other authorities deem it worthy. When a guest author posts on your site, the author is implicitly agreeing that you re an authoritative source.

In return, you re implicitly agreeing that your author is a trustworthy source.

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