The sales team? What about them...? 

Let's get right into a common situation. You are working in the marketing department at a large B2B company. You are very focused on branding activities, website issues and perhaps large and expensive events where the competitors are. Speaking of the event – you also have to get those brochures finished, and don't even mention the branded candy. The sales team? What about them...? You are sure some of them will attend the event, but how is that relevant to you anyway? Raise your hand if this sounds familiar.

Many marketing teams also focus on lead generation and bringing the sales reps more and more email addresses. Sales will often find them unqualified and will never use them. How would it be if you instead:

  • Knew exactly which companies the sales team are focused on this season? 
  • Focused on supporting those sales processes, with the goal to help sales close the deals faster? 
  • Could show the results to the management group? The ROI of, well, you?

I bet this would straighten your role inside the company. Are you interested in reading more about the alignment between sales and marketing? Mark Emmons at LeanData wrote an interesting article on the subject here:

Download the quick-fix guide for Social Selling B2B here: 

Download: How to land the biggest B2B deals with Social Selling

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